VIP Flight Attendant training course is another step towards excellence in Tenerife.   New to the Canaries our four day training course is focused on providing customer service excellence and soft skills to help current flight attendants with the smooth transition from commercial crew to VIP Private/ Corporate Flight Attendants.

Our training programme has been carefully designed for you to be able to further your career.  To ensure your success the focus of our training , next to theory are practical excercises, we believe in a hands on approach. 


Being a VIP Flight Attendant is a very demanding and high performance job.  We train you to not only meet but exceed the high expectations of the passengers.

You make the difference to the overall travel experience.

If you feel you have what it takes to become a VIP Flight Atendant, Elite Aviation will help you reach your goals.


The number of participants is limited in order to provide the best personal attention. 
The course and material is presented in English by a UK/ Billingual Instructor. EAC provides training and active job assistance. 
We care about your career and it is important to us to help you achieve your goals. Our company collaborates with a global, well renowned recruitment agency. 
Their client base covers USA Europe and the Middle East. On completion of your course they will create a professional resume for you.  Visual CV of 2 mins, airbrush photo service, provide a Dropbox storage and add you to their online database. This will increase your employement opportunities in this very competitive industry.


Being over 18 years old.
Fluent in both spoken and written English (minimum B1, recommended B2).
Possession of the Cabin Crew Certificate in Force.
Possession of General Certificate of Education or Equivalent.
Required standad without visible Tattoos or body piercings (preferably not having tattoos).

4 days of intense VIP
flight attendant training

+ DAY 1 +

lntroduction to private flying.
Corporate ldentity.
Dress code and grooming.
Flight attendant work ethics.
Client profiles.
Private jet specific standard operating procedures (befare, during and after the flight).
How to present the cabin and bathrooms In flight childcare excellence.
VIP protocol and etiquette.
Exceeding customers expectations.
Handling difficult situations.

+ DAY 2 +

Silver service.
Tea etiquette and Arabic coffee service.
Private jet table settings.
Luxury food, caviar, Balik salmon, foie gras.
After dinner drinks to stimulate and aid digestion.
Catering tips.
Special dietary and religious foods.
lnternational dining etiquette. Asia , Africa, Middles East, America, Eastern Europe.
Preparing and plating canapes, dessert and cheeseboard.

+ DAY 3 +

Wine defining elements.
Pairing wine and foods.
Private jet sommelier knowledge.
New world and Old World wines.
Opening, serving wine and champagnes correctly.
Practical food preparation.
Food art plating.
Preparing and design.
Canapes, desserts and cheeseboard.

+ DAY 4 +

Our aim is to provide continued support to all our candidates by developing a database and collaborating with VIP FA Recruit Recruitment Agency specializing in the placement of VIP flight attendants worldwide. 

Social media do´s and dont’s. 

Professional behaviour.

How to promote your brand. 

Interview questions.

Private Jet recruitment.

Preparation of CV´s.

Personal Presentations.

Our course price also includes the following services by VIP FA Recruit:

Professional Personalized CV.

Complete airbrushed photographs Visual CV.

Dropbox storage for supporting documents.

VP FA Recruit database. 


Impress the best

Our aim is to provide continued support to all our candidates by developing a database and collaborating with VIP FA Recruit Recruitment Agency specializing in the placement of VIP flight attendants worldwide.